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Announcing Marketproof Pro AI Assistant

We are thrilled to announce that Marketproof has added an AI Assistant to the new Marketproof Pro. The initial capability of the AI Assistant is writing listing descriptions with the click of a button. 

Though many NYC real estate professionals have discovered the benefits of using ChatGPT, people quickly learn that it is limited by what it knows and can be prone to errors. To help solve this problem, Marketproof uses its vast data to augment what information is available to ChatGPT. 

It works like this:

  1. You choose the building and unit you want to write about
  2. You select ‘AI Assistant’
  3. You select ‘Listing Description’
  4. You set the length and tone of the description
  5. You choose from the property features and unit amenities Marketproof has assembled or add your own
  6. You click ‘Generate’
  7. Marketproof sends the above plus more than 20 different property-specific data points to ChatGPTs API
  8. You get your listing description in seconds

All Marketproof Pro subscribers can use Marketproof’s AI Assistant now for writing resale and new development property descriptions.

Marketproof’s new AI Assistant is the latest example of how we are unlocking information and empowering our customers. Over the coming weeks, we’ll have more AI-powered tools to help you price properties and produce reports. 

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Photo: Walker Tower