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Announcing Marketproof Pro: Even More Coverage of New Devs & Resales

We are thrilled to announce that Marketproof has expanded the scope of Marketproof New Development to provide an even more comprehensive solution for NYC real estate professionals. The new solution is called Marketproof Pro.

Marketproof New Development has quickly become the definitive solution for real estate professionals focused on the NYC new development market. Marketproof Pro expands to include resale properties, enabling more professionals to take advantage of Marketproof’s game-changing capabilities.

For Marketproof Pro, building and listing information is just the starting point. Pro adds vital information not found in other real estate solutions, such as:

  • Stacking plans – Get a whole new way to visualize a building’s inventory
  • Active Lenders – See which lenders and loan officers are active in a building
  • Active Agents  – See which real estate brokers are active in a building
  • Verified Contract Dates & Prices – See exactly when units went into contract and for what prices
  • Resale Analytics  – See how buildings perform over time and compared to comps
  • Ownership Analytics – See how long current owners have owned, what percent of owners are investors
  • Sponsor Ownership – See how many units a sponsor still owns
  • Much more

Marketproof Pro starts at only $29 per month.

Additionally, we are also announcing an AI Assistant. Marketproof Pro customers can write listing descriptions with the click of a button. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have more new features that will take your real estate business to the next level: more AI enabling you to price and market properties, as well as more newsletters bringing the latest information to your inbox.

At Marketproof, we’re dedicated to providing the most advanced and comprehensive real estate solutions. The expanded scope of Marketproof Pro represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal, and we’re certain you’ll find it invaluable to your business. 

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