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Who is lending where: Marketproof adds lender and loan originator information

We are excited to announce the addition of verified lenders and loan originators to Marketproof New Development & Condo. This represents one more step in our mission to make NYC real estate data and information visible and actionable,

For residential sales in NYC, Marketproof extracts the names of the lenders as well as the names of individuals who originated the loans from ACRIS mortgage documents. This information is available for both resales and new development sales.

Top lenders & loan officers

Lender information is organized by building, showing you who the leading lenders and loan officers are for a building over different time periods. Additionally, in the coming weeks, we will generate leaderboards ranking both lenders and loan officers, giving you a macro picture of the lending environment.

Getting started with Marketproof

Verified lenders and loan originators are another way Marketproof is here to help you with your real estate business. With Marketproof New Development & Condo, you can access available inventory, past sales, and more for 240,000 condos. You can also see the pipeline of future projects. Create an account today, and get a 7-day free trial.

Image: 98 Front