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The Rise of Boutique Condos in Brooklyn

Boutique condominiums, usually with 10 or fewer homes in them, make up almost half of all the new housing supply in NYC. When we look at the developments that are currently being planned, Marketproof projects that the number of these cozy buildings will grow to make up nearly two-thirds.

These boutique buildings are mostly found in Brooklyn, where there are currently 264 of them, with even more on the way. Manhattan is a distant second with 54, followed by Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx.

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Boutique buildings are so prominent in new construction that even when we widen our focus to include projects of all sizes, Brooklyn still takes the lead as the borough with the most projects at 410 of them.  Manhattan trails with 221, followed by Queens with 141, Staten Island with 4, and The Bronx with 3.

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Image credits: 590 5th Street; 137 Carlton Avenue; 224 North 6th Street; 29 Havemeyer Street