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Search NYC condos for sale

Sites abound that claim to optimize your search for NYC condos for sale. Identifying the platform with the best resources and user experience can be challenging.

We recommend Marketproof, the gold standard in this arena. The popular new site uses proprietary software to collect data from the city’s ACRIS database, public records, real estate listings, and many other sources in near real time. Marketproof automatically aggregates, verifies, cleanses, and interprets the data, presenting the most holistic and accurate view of the NYC real estate market.

Marketproof New Development, Marketproof’s subscription service, goes even further. It does not just show you NYC condo inventory. It also empowers you with exclusive insights on market trends and comparable condo sales to find the ideal condo at the most favorable price possible.

A shiny new condo is an especially good investment opportunity in today’s buyer’s market. If you’re searching for one, Marketproof New Development is the most powerful tool at your disposal.

With both the paywall-free site and the subscription service, you get access to all the information at Marketproof’s disposal, not just what an advertiser is selling.

Let’s review what buyers should look for in websites to find NYC condos.

Check out Marketproof New Development for the most information anywhere on NYC condos.

The best website to find NYC condos should allow you to search based on targeted preferences. Common search options on NYC condo websites include searching by location, price range, and bedrooms and baths.

Marketproof checks off these boxes, but it allows you to embark on a much more granular search. The site focuses on NYC exclusively and allows you to perform isolated searches for every neighborhood in all five boroughs.

It also allows you to narrow your search by home type: e.g., condo, co-op, house, multi-family.

Finally, Marketproof goes deeper by tailoring searches by amenities and features. This way, you can narrow your search to buildings with a doorman in Williamsburg or prewar condos that allow pets in Battery Park City.

Comprehensive view of NYC condos for sale

NYC real estate transformed into a buyer’s market in 2019, and Covid-19 magnified the shift. The market is flooded with prime options and sellers willing to strike a deal. But not every website to find NYC condos offers a comprehensive view of the market.

Marketproof will show you potential resales, but it specializes in new development. The subscription service, Marketproof New Development, provides access to more than $40 billion in unsold condo inventory online.

Marketproof differs from other websites to find NYC condos because it uses proprietary software to collect data on new condos typically invisible to buyers.

That means that when you use Marketproof, you see the most up-to-date listings anywhere.

Crucially, when you use Marketproof New Development, you also get the Internet’s only holistic view at shadow inventory: apartments for sale that developers are not publicizing yet.

Not just a list of NYC condos for sale. A professional guide

Plenty of websites to find NYC condos provide you condo inventory in different neighborhoods. They may even provide information about the surrounding area. But the top website offers more than this.

Marketproof New Development is not just a list of condos. It is a guide that empowers you to search as if you were a real estate professional.

Marketproof New Development offers you the fullest possible slate of information about a condo so you can strike the best possible deal. For example, when you are looking at a condo, the site shows you comparable NYC condos that recently sold and closed so that you can negotiate with confidence. This includes the location and price per square foot for each comparable condo sale, allowing you to easily compare one condo to another.

Marketproof also provides information about condo buildings that developers typically do not disclose. For example, it is standard practice for developers to list only a fraction of the condos for sale in a building to foster an impression of scarcity that boosts prices. Developers also tend to sell cheaper condos first. Unlike any other NYC real estate site, Marketproof New Development shows you a full view of your building. This view includes listed condos, shadow inventory, and those that have sold or are under contract.

This offers you the opportunity to seek an unlisted condo a few floors up from the listed one you might see on other sites. Armed with this information, you might negotiate harder, knowing that the developer has a lot of inventory on their hands. Alternatively, you might choose to look elsewhere if the high number of unsold condos compels you to broaden your search.

On the site and via a weekly newsletter exclusive to subscribers, Marketproof New Development will also tell you which buildings are hot right now, how fast condos in a building are selling, and how to time the sales process to get the optimal deal. Marketproof also teaches you about the logistics of condo buying such as what an offering plan and condo declaration are.

Getting started with Marketproof

With Marketproof New Development, you can easily search both publicly listed properties and unlisted off-market properties not available on popular listing sites. Marketproof can increase the inventory you see by 9-10x what you may see on other sites. Create an account today, and get a 7-day free trial.

Marketproof New Development

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