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What Does a Condo’s Super Do?

In a condominium, a building super, also known as the Resident Manager, is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and operations of the building. Their specific duties can vary depending on the size and needs of the building but typically include:

Maintenance and Repairs

The building super is responsible for ensuring that the building is properly maintained and any necessary repairs are made in a timely manner. This may include routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning common areas, changing light bulbs, and fixing plumbing issues.

Building Security

The building super is responsible for ensuring that the building is secure and safe for residents. They may be responsible for monitoring access to the building, managing security cameras, and ensuring that all safety equipment is in working order.

Tenant Relations

The building super is often the first point of contact for residents who have questions or concerns about the building. They, in conjunction with the property manager, are responsible for addressing tenant complaints and resolving any issues that arise.

Building Administration

The building super is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the building, which may include tasks such as managing building staff, maintaining building records, working with and providing updates to the condo board, and ensuring that the building is in compliance with all relevant regulations.

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