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What is a Stacking Plan?

A stacking plan is a visual representation of the units in a building. It shows the units on each floor and may highlight who owns or occupies each unit, lease expiration dates, financial information, and floor plan dimensions.

Developers and sales teams use stacking plans in new development condos. They help track what is sold, in contract, and listed for sale.

How does a stacking plan work?

Because stacking plans provide a visual representation of a building, they provide a quick overview of what is happening across the units in a building.

For example, the Marketproof stacking plan above uses colors to indicate which units in this residential building are available but not listed (aka shadow inventory), are actively listed, in contract, and sold.

Other charts may use color codes to highlight differences among units by other metrics such as listing and ownership status, asking and sold price per square foot, and length of ownership in resale buildings.

What is a stacking plan’s value?

Stacking plans are most common in commercial real estate. They show prospective occupants and owners how much space is available and when space might open up. That facilitates new contracts for both the landlord and the tenant.

The software can help building owners create the plans.

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Are they useful for residential real estate?

Though not as common, apartment buildings may use them. They are a visual and intuitive way to show prospective buyers or renters which units are available and where in the building they are. They may also show additional information such as pricing.

Marketproof’s stacking plans

Marketproof’s digital stacking plans are a whole new way to visualize NYC condo and co-op inventory. With automated stacking plans, developers, brokers, investors, lenders, and buyers can quickly see how a building’s units vary across key metrics.

The ready-made and easily updated plans for NYC buildings show listing and ownership status, asking and sold price per square foot, and length of ownership in resale buildings. Color coding provides an instant sense of those metrics.

Getting started with Marketproof

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Photo above courtesy of 58 Saint Marks Place.