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NYC rental housing search finally makes it easy for you to track what’s coming

Marketproof Pipeline was launched in January 2023 and, in its first few weeks, is already bringing new transparency to the NYC rental housing market.

With information on over 7,000 rental projects in all phases of development, from land acquisition through construction, Marketproof Pipeline customers are getting insights into upcoming projects, often before they are even announced.

Filter rental projects by size & geography

Filtering rental projects by size and geography is a crucial aspect for anyone searching for rental buildings that are currently planned or under construction. This feature allows users to easily search for projects that match their specific needs, whether it be a specific location or a certain size of building. For example, a user may only be interested in buildings that will be located in a particular neighborhood or may only be looking for buildings that will have over a certain number of units.

Track rental project construction over time

Tracking construction over time is a valuable feature for anyone who is interested in monitoring the progress of projects. This feature allows users to follow the development of a specific building or set of buildings over time, from land acquisition to final completion. Users can get notifications of key events, including Marketproof research, public records, and the publication of news articles. Overall, this feature provides a convenient way to stay informed, allowing users to track progress.

Make contact with the people involved

Contacting the people involved is an essential feature for anyone interested in getting more information about a project or connecting with the people behind the project. This feature allows users to easily reach out to the various individuals and organizations involved in the development of the building, such as the developer, the architect, and the contractor. By making contact with these individuals, users can ask questions, learn more about the project, and express their interest in getting involved. This feature also allows real estate professionals and investors to connect with potential clients and partners, expanding their network and opportunities.

Getting started with Marketproof Pipeline

Getting visibility into rental projects under development is another way Marketproof Pipeline is here to help you with your business. With Marketproof Pipeline, you can access over 20,000 residential and commercial projects in all phases of development, from land acquisition through construction.