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NYC Real Estate Books: Liar’s Ball – The Story of NYC’s GM Building

“Liar’s Ball” is a non-fiction book by Vicky Ward that tells the story of the sale of the iconic New York City building, the General Motors (GM) Building, in 2008. The book provides an in-depth look into the world of high-stakes real estate deals and the power players involved in them.

The GM Building, located at 767 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, was one of the most valuable and sought-after commercial properties in the world. The book details the sale of the building by the Macklowe Organization to a consortium of investors led by the real estate company Boston Properties.

Through interviews with key players and research, the book reveals the complex web of relationships, backroom deals, and personal rivalries that played a role in the sale of the GM Building. It also provides insight into the larger world of real estate development, including the power dynamics among developers, bankers, lawyers, and politicians.

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