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NYC property tax charts help you know what the future looks like

Marketproof New Development & Condo, the leading condo data and analytics platform, now provides handy charts showing historical and future property taxes for NYC new development and resale condos.

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In addition to one’s mortgage and maintenance fees, property taxes are another sizable expense when it comes to owning a condo in NYC. Buyers who understand the full scope of a potential purchase are more likely to follow through. For example, a buyer who plans to stay in an apartment for the long term may prefer a unit with modest annual taxes, whereas a buyer who’s looking more in the short term may benefit from a unit with a current tax abatement.

Now, when you share individual units or unit collections thru Marketproof, this information is readily available for all to see.

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Tax-level data is another way Marketproof New Development is here to help you with your business. With Marketproof New Development & Condo, you can access available inventory, past sales, and more for 160,000 condos. You can also see the pipeline of future projects. Create an account today, and get a 7-day free trial.

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