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Download NYC Real Estate Data

Data plays an ever-increasing role in helping brokers, developers, contractors, lenders, and other professionals understand the rapidly changing real estate marketplace. With that in mind, real estate data and analytics platform Marketproof allows you to download real estate data.

The kinds of real estate data you can download on Marketproof

Marketproof’s Data Subscriptions cover new buildings and demolitions, major alterations, certificates of occupancy, permits issued, and more. Our residential subscriptions cover purchase loans, sales, and an enhanced look at sales with extra details about each transaction. We’re adding new subscriptions all the time.

Marketproof has the most comprehensive data available on NYC real estate. Our proprietary software sources and cleans the data from a wide array of databases so that it is accurate and easily searchable.

Identify buildings ready for your services

Our data subscriptions allow you to identify buildings at various stages of their life cycle, allowing you to target property owners who could benefit from your services.

For example, a certificate of occupancy signals that closings can begin and tenants can set up shop or begin living in buildings. Brokers, property managers, and attorneys may use the CO subscription to target new business. Interior designers, landscapers and gardeners, kitchen and bathroom professionals, and cabinet sellers may also find new customers through this channel.

The permits subscription supplies updates on permits issued for new buildings, demolitions, and major alterations. This is a prime opportunity for companies in construction to get in on the action. But it could also benefit brokers, lenders, and investors, who will spot large-scale opportunities to invest in a project.

Speed up market research

Ever needed to keep tabs on a specific aspect of the real estate market but struggled to keep up with changes or home in on the data you needed? Marketproof designed data subscriptions to facilitate targeted market research.

Consider the enhanced residential sales data set. It not only includes new deeds and tax documents but also covers the discount at which a unit sold, the number of days it was on the market, and the mortgage amount and lender.

This is vital information for developers, brokers, and others who need to know how units are pricing and buildings are performing.

Get custom real estate data sets

Marketproof can create custom data sets for enterprise subscribers. Perhaps you want to target buildings that have been on the market for a specific period of time or you need a type of data unavailable in our current data sets. Marketproof can extract that data and combine it with other datasets.

The basics of downloading real estate data on Marketproof

Subscribers receive a daily spreadsheet with the latest data related to all their subscriptions. The daily email covers all the data in the categories you’ve purchased for the past 30 days.

Don’t settle for a one-time download. Marketproof’s subscriptions are monthly and recurring, ensuring your data does not go stale as soon as you buy it. Subscriptions start at just $50/month.

You can cancel anytime, and you keep whatever data you download.

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